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Whether you need the whole package, or you are a content producer that needs some of our specialties, we can help.


Post services.

Color correction.

Shot cleaning/rotoscoping.

Title/Logo design.

Logo animation.

3D tracking.

Screen replacement.

Fire/Liquid/Particle effects.

Virtual sets.


Synthetic object integration

A quick example demonstrating 3D tracking and integration of computer generated imagery and real world footage.

Shot cleanup

A small example of the extensive shot cleanup possible.

Specialty shooting.

High speed filming up to 400 FPS, with flicker free lighting.


High resolution filming up to 5k (6k coming),

each 5k frame is 14 megapixels. By comparison, a 1080p frame is 2 megapixels.


Timelapse shooting.


Jibs and dollies for moving shots as well.




5k 4k vs 1080p comparison
dvd duplication
world wide web, website development

DVD & Blu-Ray duplication.

2000 DVD per week capacity.

Lots of design options and packaging available.

Label and case design.



Need a website for your project?

We can help with that too.


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